About E-Beaumont pour homme

For years Edward Beaumont has had a passion for the finer things in life. European automobiles, hand tailored suits, Purdy shotguns, Laguiole knives, Fine timepieces, the list goes on. He and his family have traveled the world to find these items for themselves and share them with you. E-Beaumont pour homme is committed to offering the "best of the best." Our goal is the bring you select products suitable for the modern gentleman, a man of taste, a man of bearing. Items that subtly compliment your innate style and speak softly of who you are. Instead of showcasing every product under the sun, we solely offer the solutions that deliver maximum results. Every product featured on this site has received the "thumbs up" from our Founder and the barber’s and tradesmen he meets throughout the world. No product is offered to you before it is tested by us.
Each product is chosen to appeal to those who share our passion for - and appreciation of - a life well lived. We hope you derive the same satisfaction we do with these products. We will continue to search the world to bring you more items to make life more livable for the modern gentleman.
After all,
"Life is brief....Live well"