Dalvey Leather Change Tray (Carbon Fiber Black & Orange)


Dalvey's stylish and practical valet tray for change, keys, or cufflinks; employing a striking combination of vibrant orange and richly textured carbon fibre leathers. The tray un-snaps to flat so you can use it bedside while traveling. It is particularly refreshing to awake to your cuff links, wallet, keys and watch sitting in the tray and not fully remembering how they got there!

Size: 157L x 110W x 30Hmm

The Dalvey Flask sits at the heart of their range. Three decades ago the flask initiated the transition from a musical instrument manufactory to the design-led men’s accessories brand that Dalvey is today. Still manufactured to the same design, today’s Dalvey Flasks incorporate deep-engraved badges to give unparalleled richness and clarity.

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