Edwin Jagger Riva Imitation Ebony DE Razor

Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger Riva Imitation Ebony DE Razor from Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury hand made shaving equipment. This sleek, contemporary razor is handmade in Sheffield, England using carefully selected and finest quality polyester material. The contrasting satin and bright chrome plated collar and blade head adds wonderful sophistication to this desireable razor. The Edwin Jagger DE head is highly reputed for balance and shave quality. Used with a standard DE razor blade, and quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a close and accurate shave often compared to that of a straight razor. Medium weight yet beautifully balanced for perfect shaving. Delivered in Edwin Jagger branded packaging.


  • Luxurious and beautifully balanced
  • Contemporary style
  • Imitation Ebony
  • Fitted with the Edwin Jagger DE/Safety blade head
  • Includes a complimentary 5 pack of Feather Hi-Stainless blades

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