Liquid Gold Beard Oil

Killer Beard Oil

 BEARD OIL-Liquid Gold

- All natural conditioners such as Jojoba, Coconut, Almond and Argan oils combine with Melissa, Sandalwood (indian), Myrrh and Black Pepper essential oils: 

- Hydrates skin. Doubles as a styling agent to help soften and tame beard hair.

- Eliminates flakes and itchy skin and leaves you smelling fresh without an overwhelming scent.

Liquid Gold - Our most complex and intriguing blend. Using some of the most sought after oils available. Perfect for the go-getter looking for their beard to always be on point.

Directions: Apply dime size amount for small/medium beard. Apply nickel size amount for large/epic beard. Massage in gently with palm and finger tips. Evenly distribute with comb. Test for allergens first.

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